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PERAM™ is a subsidiary of Perubco Group, a worldwide leader in environmental and sustainable technology in rubber products. Founded in 1990, Perubco Group has become one of the leading rubber product manufacturers in Vietnam. Growing from a foundation of highly-skilled and dedicated engineers and technicians, together with our professional quality control system, Perubco Group has supplied technical rubber products to industries around the globe — companies like Honda, Mitsubishi, Cooper, Nitto-Kako (Japan), East West (USA), Minibus (Canada), Romar (Australia), Ching Limited (England), and Morris (France). Yes, we know rubber.

Ask a regular bike rider if they’ve ever had a flat. “Oh, yeah! And, it always happens at the wrong time and the worst possible place.” But beyond the potentially dangerous mishap of getting a flat, think of the cost—new tubes could easily set you back $200 or more over a 5-year span. So, we’ve put together a product that goes beyond what others offer. We believe in our product and we’re willing to prove it.

Why PERAM™ ?

The PERAM Smart Tube is US patent pending (15/600,212, 29/604,562). Made of sophisticated rubber composition, the Smart Tube is designed to provide a maximum protection of your air tube tires from getting flats.

It was our goal to offer a solution to riders everywhere – flat tires!   And, we’ve done that.  We have created a unique rubber composition that performs far beyond expectations.

  1. Offers the option of a softer PSI in the air tube, while maintaining a harder PSI tire surface. The softer the air tube, the greater the effectiveness against pinch flats.
  2. Special rubber properties which resist heat.
  3. Provide puncture resistance. Most debris will not penetrate the thickness of the tube.
  4. Combines the ride of conventional pneumatic tubes with the flat resistance of the Smart Tube
  5. Allows PSI adjustment for changing terrains.
  6. Reduces the possibility of broken spokes (as compared to solid or hard air tubes).
  7. Promotes longer E-Bike battery life due to a harder tire surface, and improved comfort through better shock absorption.

PERAM™ Smart Tube test data for REACH compliance (read more…)




  • 700C x 23
  • 700C x 25
  • 700C x 28
  • 700C x 32
  • 700C x 35
  • 700C x 38
  • 700C x 42
  • 26″ x 1.38
  • 26″ x 1.50
  • 26″ x 1.75
  • 26″ x 1.95
  • 26″ x 2.10
  • 26″ x 2.20
  • 26″ x 2.35
  • 26″ x 2.80
  • 26″ x 3.00
  • 26″ x 4.00
  • 29″ x 1.95
  • 29″ x 2.10
  • 29″ x 2.35

    *Custom sizes are available


PERAM™ Smart Tubes
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Email: lee@peram.us